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If you struggle with dehydration, nutritional deficiencies, illnesses, or ongoing fatigue, IV therapy at Claris Concierge Health can help. Serving patients in and around Knoxville, Tennessee, skilled physician assistant Brittany Ryan-Pruitt, PA-C usees IV therapy to maximize your health and well-being. Call to schedule an appointment or use the online booking tool, today.

What is IV therapy?
IV therapy is a highly effective treatment that infuses nutrients and fluids into your bloodstream for fast absorption. The treatment improves your overall health and quality of life without invasive treatments. The Claris Concierge Health specialists customize IV therapy treatments to provide long-lasting results.

What does IV therapy consist of?
Your IV therapy infusion may contain some of the following ingredients:

  • Fluids

  • Medications

  • Vitamins

  • Minerals

  • Amino acids

  • Antioxidants

Your Claris Concierge Health provider combines the perfect blend of ingredients tailored to your unique needs, medical history, and symptoms.

What is IV therapy used for?
Your Claris Concierge Health specialist may recommend IV therapy if you struggle with one or more of the following conditions:

DehydrationOngoing painWeakened immune systemIllnessesChronic diseasesFatigueNutritional deficienciesWeakness

Your specialist customizes each wellness treatment just for you.

Which type of IV therapy is best for me?
To determine which IV therapy is best, a Claris Concierge Health provider reviews your medical history, symptoms, lifestyle habits, and medication regimen. They complete a physical exam, check your vital signs, and often recommend blood tests.
Your Claris Concierge Health specialist travels to your house to complete in-home lab draws, physical exams, and IV therapy.

What should I expect during IV therapy?
During each treatment, a Claris Concierge Health provider inserts a tiny needle into a vein in your arm and infuses nutrients and fluids into your bloodstream while you relax. The treatment often takes 20-60 minutes, but everyone has different needs.

Afterward, you may feel better immediately, with additional improvements in your health appearing over time. You can resume a normal routine immediately after IV therapy treatment.

How often do I need IV therapy?
Your Claris Concierge Health specialist lets you know how often you can benefit from in-home IV therapy. They may suggest this treatment once or twice a week, less often, or as needed.

If you have questions about your health or well-being between visits or need recommendations about when to schedule your next IV therapy session, call Claris Concierge Health to speak with friendly providers who will happily assist you.

To learn more about IV therapy at Claris Concierge Health, schedule a consultation by phone or online today.

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